For most, having their child detected with Cancer is the end of all hope. At the Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Center (CCHRC), we look at Cancer as yet another opportunity to provide hope to people and help them reclaim their health and life. Rahul Amin Laskar, one of our youngest patients, is currently undergoing treatment for Ewings Sarcoma. A student of Class 12 at the Kendriya Vidyalay school in Silchar, Rahul was diagnosed with Cancer around 8 months ago. His family reached out for support at CCHRC since his treatment was unaffordable to them.

Like Rahul, CCHRC is helping hundreds of patients who cannot afford Cancer treatments. In major areas of Silchar, frustration and fear takes over the poverty stricken houses. Helpless families are forced to take loans from moneylenders for medical treatments. Since they do not have any valued assurance of repaying the loans they end up keeping their children as security.

Pediatric Cancer as such is curable; however the patients require an intensive and long term treatment in the hospital. For a child to know that he is suffering a life threatening disease is scary in itself. To add to it, because of the treatment regime, their interaction with family and friends is reduced to a large extent. Children do not get to go to school around this time and are constantly being exposed to only medicines, chemotherapy and several other health tests. Unlike treatment in adults, treating younger patients as far as nursing and palliative care is concerned, is quite different. The pain experienced by them is inevitable and the memories are forever haunting. Hence children require much more affection and support while at the hospital.

To help children recover in a way which does not leave them emotionally drained, we wish to create a separate pediatric ward for children and provide tutors who will help them not miss out on their learnings while at the hospital. We also plan to create a play area for them and maintain a positive environment with friendly, happy faces around the kids.

How You Can Help

Our hospital annually treats nearly 50 children who are suffering from various kinds of Pediatric Cancer. We want to continue being the reason for bringing joy to families who cannot afford expensive cancer treatments for their children and through us are able to. Since the demand in our services is growing more than ever, we are now finding it necessary to add a new Pediatric ward for the children who will be visiting the Cachar Cancer Hospital regularly and throughout their childhood.

We are actively looking for people who share like minded thoughts and want to come forward and make a difference to the lives of such young patients. All contributions raised by thoughtful people like you, help us to provide otherwise very costly treatments to our patients without much difficulty.