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Date: 28 August 2021
Time: 9:00AM
Please carry CV and other original documents.
For further information, you may write to Dr Rajeev Kumar at (

These candidates have been shortlisted for Interview

Data Entry Operator – Amrita Kaunda
Data Entry Operator – Prit Pritam Das
IT/Data Entry Operator – Sandeep Nath Choudhury
Data Entry Operator – Arpita Nath
Multiple – ASM Islamul Hoque Laskar
Clinical Trial Co-ordinator – Anushree Das
Project Manager – Dr Sneha Gang
Project Manager – Dr Mirazul Aziz Barbhuiya
Project Manager – Dr Amolava Nath
Project Manager – Hasina Ferdous
Project Manager and Clinical Trial Co-ordinator – Dr Eleena Adak
Project Manager and Clinical Trial Co-ordinator – Dr Rudrakshi Dey
Project Manager and Clinical Trial Co-ordinator – Dr. Pynhunlang lapang
Project Manager and Clinical Trial Co-ordinator – Panchatapa Dutta
Project Manager and Clinical Trial Co-ordinator Dr Shilpee Srivastava
Project Manager and Clinical Trial Co-ordinator – De Divjot Ahluwalia

Who We Are

We are a comprehensive cancer hospital offering specialized and affordable cancer care to patients who are economically impoverished.

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What We Do

We provide the full range of oncology services and specialty support from advanced diagnosis to surgical expertise and palliative care.

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Why We Do

Occurrence of cancer is on the rise in India.  However, with most cancers being curable if detected early, personalized screening followed by accurate

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How We Help

The hospital makes efforts to provide standard of care treatment for all patients irrespective of their socioeconomic background.

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Causes You Can Support

A surgeon par excellence paving the way to innovative & affordable healthcare

A gold medalist and a visionary beyond par, Dr. Ravi Kannan is leveraging his medical expertise to turn a small cancer centre into a full-fledged hospital in Assam’s Barak valley.

Dr. Kannan is a surgical oncologist who was earlier heading department of Surgical Oncology in the prestigious Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai. He was moved by the plight of economically impoverished people who had no access to even basic cancer treatment. Relinquishing monetary accolades, he chose to dedicate his services to the Cachar Cancer Hospital & Research Centre in Silchar, Assam.

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Cancer Never Discriminates

Cancer Never Discriminates

North-eastern states are less polluted compared to other metropolitan cities and regions of the country. Yet, it baffles the

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