Vedic was 15, when he suffered a painful injury after a fall in the bathroom. A routine X-ray scan revealed presence of nodes while the CT scan, MRI and Biopsy confirmed that he was suffering from Osteosarcoma, bone cancer in the pelvic area. After the initial treatment of 4 cycles of Chemotherapy, he was advised surgery for removal of pelvic bone. The surgical team at Cachar Cancer Hospital operated and removed the diseased half bone. They also enabled support to the other half bone ensuring that the entire bone didn’t have to be removed and Vedic didn’t have to experience shortening of legs.

The surgery done at a reasonable cost, Vedic has successfully recovered and is able walk normally and go about his routine. Back with family and friends, he is now in class X and pursues his hobbies of basketball and cycling. With a smile back on his face, Vedic aims to pursue an MBA in the future.