The first steps are always the hardest, and often, the most remarkable.

How We Began

The story so far…

It takes inspiration to get started. Ours was the idea of providing equitable, inclusive and high-quality cancer care to anyone and everyone in need.

CCHRC was established and is administered by the Cachar Cancer Hospital Society, a non-profit NGO, registered under the Societies Registration Act. It is located at the outskirts of Silchar town in the Barak Valley of Assam in India.


The society came into existence

The Cachar Cancer Hospital Society was formed owing to a desperately felt need for a cancer hospital. The only cancer hospital in North-East India, before CCHRC, was located far away, in Guwahati. The Society had three principle objectives: (i) make people more aware about cancer; so they could adopt preventive measures and seek early detection; (ii) establish a full-fledged cancer hospital that would provide meaningful services to all people suffering from the disease; (iii) set up a cancer research centre that would further advancements in the fight against cancer.


The hospital was inaugurated

Public philanthropy helped in the construction of the Cachar Cancer Hospital & Research Centre on the land (11 bigha) allotted by the Government of Assam. The foundation stone of the hospital was laid by the late Mr. Hiteshwar Saikia, the then Chief Minister of Assam. The hospital was inaugurated on February 10, 1996.