Live Talk Show with Dr. R. Ravi Kannan

Live Talk Show with Dr. R. Ravi Kannan

Jayabheri 21st Jan 2017 @ IST 4:30pm – Live Talk Show with Dr. R. Ravi Kannan, Oncologist ….Meet the Man Who Is Building a World Class Cancer Hospital in Cachar, Assam, India.

One Doctor Is Quietly Building a World-Class Cancer Hospital for the Poor in Assam. Dr. Ravi Kannan’s vision has turned a small cancer centre into a full-fledged hospital in Assam’s Barak valley. …

The high incidence of cancer in the region, possibly due to extensive tobacco use, prompted citizens of the valley to come together and set up a hospital in 1996.

So Dr. Kannan, who was a renowned oncologist at the Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai, and his family, packed their bags and moved to Silchar.

Over the years, this doctor and his incredible team managed to turn the place around. There were only 23 staff members when he joined. Today, there is a 200-member strong team.
The Cachar Cancer Hospital Society is raising funds to support cancer patients. For more details visit its page or website

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