Students of RaiaDesing Public School

Students of RaiaDesing Public School

Students of RaiaDesing Public School, Gingee- ‘Carriers of Hope!’

“Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven”, so was once quoted by Henry Ward Beecher, a reverend and social activist. Ever wondered why children are considered to be angels in disguise?It is because they express themselves in the most selfless way possible.

At the beginning of this year sometime in January,RaiaDesing Public School, a CBSE affiliated school at Gingee(Tamil Nadu)steered a campaign to create cancer awareness among their studentsand encouraged them to collect funds. All donation proceeds collected by the children would then go to a hospital offering cancer care to the poor and needy. The fund raising session was organized by students from Grade 1 to 10 who collectively raised a lump sum of Rs.25,000/- This was donated toCachar Cancer Hospital by its Chairman Mr.GingeeBabu and Principal Arockiaraja T.

By participating in the fund raiser, kids of this school have truly proved that it is never too early to start a good cause. When we heard about the wonderful support received from the school, our hearts were filled with gratitude for the management and the little angels.The school Chairman and Principal played a great role in inspiring their students to createnot just an impact, but experience leadership, teamwork, philanthropy and what “doing good” for others can mean. In most cases ‘Charity Begins at Home’, however in this case a primary educational institute took the lead.

For us at The Cachar Cancer Hospital, every bit of financial aid plays a vital role in helping save yet another life! With constant support, we can continue to push the frontiers of what is possible in care and treatment requirements of our Cancer patients.

We urge you to support us by initiating more opportunities of fundraising across schools, and communities where vested interests are shared.

Every contribution counts in saving a life here. Together we will!





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