Cancer Treatment Research and Development

Established in 2010, research at CCHRC plays a very important role with the team engaging in translational care

In the early 1970’s, when the C word reared its ugly head, a quarter of people survived cancer. Today the survival has doubled, and every day brings hope and cheer to patients with progressive and promising cancer research.

Established in 2010, research at CCHRC plays a very important role with the team engaging in translational care- wherein lab successes are introduced into clinical practices across age groups. Research here focuses on advocacy, prevention, early diagnosis, finding new treatments while optimizing the existing ones and making them more effective in addition to providing vital information and support.

Research at CCHRC is currently being conducted in various areas including

  • Oncogenesis
  • Tumour virology
  • Drug development and resistance
  • Cancer control and prevention

The hospital has started several collaborative research projects with emphasis on cancer biology. Currently, these are being implemented in collaboration with leading Institutions like Dept. of Biotechnology, Assam University, Institute of Life Sciences and INDOX (Univ. of Oxford consortium), AIIMS and Cancer Institute, Adyar.

Members of the Research Advisory Board & Institutional Review Board

S. No. Member Affiliation
1. Dr. BinduDey Adviser DBT, Govt. of India
2. Prof. G.D Sharma Vice Chancellor Bilaspur University
3. Dr. N Ravi Chandran Director, IIM Indore
4. Dr. A. Nandakumar Director in Charge, National Cancer Registry Program, ICMR
5. Dr. Moni Abraham Kuriakose Director, Department of Surgery at Mazumdar-Shaw Cancer Center
6. Dr. P. Arun Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Tata Medical Centre, India
7. Dr. R Ravi Kannan Director, Cachar Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

The Dr. S. Krishnamurthi Centre for Research and Education in Cancer, Cachar, was inaugurated in 2013 by Dr. V. Shanta, Chairperson, Cancer Institute, WIA, Chennai, to further enhance research and academic activities in oncology science with a clear vision.

With the purpose of continuing Cachar’s commitment to generate skilled manpower resources in oncology, and develop the proposed College of Oncology Sciences with affiliation from Assam University Silchar (A Central University), Cachar has applied for Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) status.

The DBT (govt. of India) has also granted Cachar another project in nasopharyngeal cancer in collaboration with prominent institutes particularly Dept. of Biotech, Assam University, Institute of Life Science and AIIMS. Post the grant in 2012 research in the study of the role of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) as predictive markers in oral cancer is ongoing with the Cancer Institute, Chennai and Dept. of Biotech, Assam University, Silchar.

The hospital is part of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) led ‘Cancer ATLAS project’ and ‘Patterns of cancer survival study groups’ and also plays a role in the INDOX (University of Oxford) sponsored epidemiological study in breast and colorectal cancer.

The focus area of Cachar’s research activities is on cancer stem cell, infectious disease and cell cycle analysis to investigate their impact on clinical outcome in different cancer types.

Project Title Funding Agents Year Scope
ATLAS Project ICMR 2009 To strengthen the hospital based cancer registry
Patient Care and Survival Studies (PCSS) ICMR 2009 To check the pattern and survival of breast, head & neck and cervix cancer patients
Hospital Based Cancer Registry ICMR 2011 To record the incidence of cancer cases with other demographic, socio-economic and dietary habits data from patients visiting this centre
Population Based Cancer Registry ICMR 2014 Recording the incidence of cancer in 3 districts of Assam: Karimganj, Hailakhandi and Dima Hasao
Hospital based cancer care at Barak valley of Northeast India DBT 2010-2014 To upgrade facilities in cancer research and pathology by providing chemiluminiscence and Flow Cytometer unit along with the development of a microbiology facility
Comprehensive understanding of NPC in Northeast India DBT 2012-2015 To investigate the molecular etiology of NPC (Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma) in north east India
Validation of the SNPs involved in promoting genetic susceptibility to Oral Cancer among long term tobacco chewers DBT 2012-2015 To explore the role of SNP in determining the genetic susceptibility to oral cancer in the north-eastern and southern Indian population
Risk factors for breast cancer in India: An INDOX case control study INDOX (Oxford University) 2011-2013 Investigating lifelong vegetarianism associated with breast cancer
Lifelong vegetarianism & risk of colorectal cancer in India: an INDOX case-control study INDOX (Oxford University) 2011-2013 Investigating lifelong vegetarianism associated with colorectal cancer
Pain & palliative care department established Indo-American Cancer Association (IACA) 2009-2011 Pain and palliative care, a specialized unit that offers holistic care to patients who do not respond to curative treatment
Food Corpus and Hospital kitchen Assam Foundation Incorporated 2010 It supports the hospital kitchen to provide clean nutritious food to patients at very low costs (often free)
Resource mobilization JeevDaya Foundation, USA 2014 Support 2 resource managers for effective resource mobilization

Projects: Individual or Collaborative

S. No. Project Title Brief Outlay
1. Prevalence of cancer associated genes in breast cancer patient in the hospital based study of southern Assam To investigate the status of BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation in breast cancer patients of NE India and mutation detection by utilizing COLD PCR technique and next generation sequencer techniques
2. Characterization of Head & Neck cancer in patients Characterizing the role of mitochondrial genome in the oro-pharyngeal cancer in patients from Barak Valley in Northeast India of Southern Assam
3. Prognostic/therapeutic impact of various molecular markers on benign and malignant gallbladder disease Conducting retrospective and prospective epidemiologic study of gallbladder cancer, studying the involvement of microbial infection in gallbladder cancer and characterizing the role of cancer stem cells in the tumoriginesis of gallbladder cancer
4. Epigenetic of cancer in Barack Valley: A correlative study with ageing To study the methylation pattern of oncogenes which are also involved in the ageing process and to investigate how these factors correspond to the tumoriginesis
5. Molecular Epidemiology of colorectal cancer in Barak Valley: A hospital based study To conduct epidemiological survey based on clinical report and investigating the genomic instability in colorectal cancer and also investigate the possible reasons behind the incidences of young age colorectal cancer in NE India
6. Epidemiological, biochemical and molecular factors associated with the clinical outcome of Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma in North Eastern India Investigating role of cell cycle, cancer stem cell markers and routine biochemical factors in predicting the response to chemotherapy in esophageal squamnous cell carcinoma
7. Prevalence of human Papilloma virus In head & neck squamous cell carcinoma Characterizing the role of HPV in predicting the response in head and neck cancer
8. An observational study to determine Thromboembolism prophylaxis An observation non interventional clinical trial investigating the role of Thromboembolism prophylaxis in oncology patients undergoing abdominal or pelvic surgery


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