Cachar Cancer Hospital Facilities

Full range of oncology services, multimodal treatment and access to promising clinical trials

CCHRC is a 100 bedded Cancer Research Centre and Hospital located at Meherpur in Silchar town. The Hospital sees about 2000 patients annually. Most of the patients belong to the lower economic strata and are financially challenged. The Hospital treats them at extremely low costs or for free.  Being the only comprehensive cancer centre with modern facilities located in Barak Valley of Assam, CCHRC caters to the needs of the patients from Tripura, Mizoram and Manipur also.

CCHRC offers a full range of oncology services, multimodal treatment and access to promising clinical trials – in fact it is the only hospital equipped to provide these services in the North Eastern part of India. From state-of-the-art technology to specialty care, access to the finest surgeons, advanced diagnostic techniques, rehabilitation and emotional support for the patient and families – CCHRC reaches out with hope.

Medical Facilities

  • Department of Surgical Oncology
  • Department of Medical Oncology
  • Department of Radiation Oncology
  • Department of Molecular Oncology
  • Department of Prevention Oncology
  • Department of Pathology & Blood Bank
  • Department of Radio Diagnosis & Imaging
  • Department of Pain & Palliative Care
  • Department of Dental surgery
  • Department of Tumor Registry & Epidemiology
  • IT & Hospital Management
  • Bio-repository
  • Indoor Pharmacy
  • 3 Tele-medicine centers
  • 700 Home visits

CCHRC is also planning to construct a guest house and a Self-Supporting Centre for patient attendants. Setting up of more number of tele-medicine / satellite centers offering cancer care access in the neighboring districts of Barak Valley of Assam is also being considered.

Patient Care

When Passion meets Compassion

CCHRC operates on the belief that the family knows its loved one the best. Treatment is hence based on a partnership between patients, families and healthcare providers and everyone’s role is important here. Informed, involved patients and families are central to the provision of quality care. Nurses in CCHRC are renowned for their dedication, intelligence, hard work, promptness and service with a smile. Knowing that information is crucial, open and honest communication is always encouraged.

CCHRC seamlessly works with the hospital to plan, coordinate, evaluate, and implement the options and services required to meet the patient’s health needs. At every step of the way, the objective is to promote quality and cost-effective treatment for the timely discharge of a patient. Based on specific patient goals, CCHRC also manages the financial and post treatment support.