Helping Sajida find the ‘Can’ in Cancer


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Helping Sajida find the ‘Can’ in Cancer

Sajida Begum Laskar,a young homemaker who lives in the outskirts of Silchar in a small town called Dholai came to terms with her Stage III breast cancer during March this year. Sajida was tested positive and was heartbroken at this news. At a very young age of 22, she was diagnosed with this life threatening disease.

Apart from being a motherto a four year old son and a couple of months old daughter, Sajida’s responsibilitiesalso includedtaking care of her family of six members, whichcomprised an ailing mother and father-in-law. Sajida is a school dropout and has only completed her education till standard 8. Her husband is the sole bread winner of the family and is a high school teacher. Managing the finances with a meagre family income of Rs. 18,000/- a month, is in itself a challenging affair for Sajida and her husband. A majority of the income for them goes towards paying off their home loan which leaves them with hardly any money for her treatment.

Bit by bit, Sajida’s family has exhausted all of her savings. The financial situation at home became extremely difficult. So much so that the family had to borrow money for her second cycle of chemotherapy.

Sajida had almost given up on hope and her chances of recovering. Around this time she was introduced by her family to Dr. Poulome Tapkire – Surgical Oncologist at Cachar Cancer Hospital & Research Centre. Dr. Poulome recommended an aggressive line of treatment for Sajida involving eight cycles of chemotherapy, followed by surgery and radiotherapy. Simultaneous administration of Trastuzumab drug was also prescribed for a period of one year.

The cost of Sajida’s treatment with Traztuzumabcomes up to Rs.10 lacs, an amount which the family can hardly afford, given their inadequate income. It is shuddering to even think the amount of worry and fear that has gripped Sajida and her family in trying to reason how to afford this treatment.

For Sajida, all she can think of is of her two very young children and who will look after them andher aged in-laws in the family. Her doctors are however confident that Traztuzumab will give her a good chance of improving her long time survival.

Let not the financial situation of Sajida’s family keep their hopes of her survival, low. Your earnest contribution towards her therapy will give this young woman the confidence to fight her disease with renewed hope.

This will not only add so many more years to her life, but also allow her small children and family to look up to her as a role model and a strong mother.