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Help us treat more poor patients like Abdur Rashid

Abdur Rashid’s family was shattered when he was diagnosed with cancer as they thought it was a deadly disease with expensive treatment. Abdur suffered from severe throat pain and was unable to talk or eat food. He was considering alternative methods of treatment when his friends suggested that he visit Cachar Cancer Hospital & Research Centre. After chemotherapy and radiation the pain he was experiencing reduced considerably. With further encouragement of the doctors and hospital staff Abdur went through a surgical procedure called Tracheostomy, which finally helped him to talk and breathe free. He now advices others like him to seek cancer treatment without any delay. His recovery was possible because of access to quality and subsidized treatment at CCHRC.

With the number of cancer victims growing rapidly, your support in the form of financial contributions are important to help us treat many more economically impoverished patients like Abdur Rashid.